Our Story

We would like to make an official announcement regarding the “new” Sakura.

We are NOT affiliated with the Sakura restaurant located at Midway Shopping Center. A lot of customers have come in asking if we have made a second location. We want to make it clear that we only have ONE location. When we originally opened up our restaurant we made sure that there was not another Sakura in this area. Our family has put in a lot of hard work to get where we are now. Please continue to dine here with your family and friends.

We do have good reviews on both Facebook, Yelp, and Google. The reviews you find are regarding the quality of the original Sakura Sushi near Elsmere Fire Station. Please be aware that you can only receive high quality food from Sakura Sushi in Elsmere. Please do not confuse us with the other Sakura. We aren’t too sure to why someone would want to set up another Sakura in a location so close to us. We just want to make sure that our valued customers make it to the right place.

We do have plans on expanding soon and we will make another announcement when we do.